About Vaidhmapan

Vaidhmapan is one of the integrated service project and a first of its kind in G2B initiative implemented in Legal Metrology Department, Government of Maharashtra. It helps in end-to-end solution aimed at improving G2B services. Increased transparency, time saving and increased efficiency are only few the benefits, both consumers and staff of department can expect from vaidhmapan.

Vaidhmapan being a work flow based software, delivers the following functionalities:
1. Administrative Module
2. Online New Licenses / Registration Certificates
3. Online Renewal of Licenses Based On Validity
4. Online Amendments of Licenses / Registration Certificates
5. Issue of Computerized Verification Certificate and Stamping
6. Inspection and Compounding
7. Court Case Monitoring System
8. MIS Reports
9. Public Grievance System
10. Integration with RTO & Police Department

Advantages of Vaidhmapan software are as follow:
1. High revenue
2. Controlling and monitoring
3. Shortened turnaround time of work process
4. Virtual elimination of threat of losing integrity of records, data, information and tampering of data.
5. Improves accountability as the system has information of entire workflow.
6. Standardization of verification certificate, seizure notices, and compounding notices.
7. Printing of stationary, distribution and storage can be minimized.
8. Eliminates short collection fee and reduces audit objections by way of digitization of verification certificates.
9. Easy process of renewal using SMS/Email.
10. Eliminates loss, theft of used/unused V.C .books and Seizure Books and avoids the departmental enquires.
11. Helps in handling complaints and taking appropriate actions.
12. Helps in compilation and generation reports.

The Project has been divided into two modules i.e.
1. Online (Web Based Application) having following functionalities
a) Registration Module for Package Commodities (Manufacturer/Packer/Importer)
b) License Module for New Licenses (Manufacturer/Dealer/Repairer)
c) Renewal Module for Licenses (Manufacturer/Dealer/Repairer)
d) Amendment Module for Licenses / Package Commodities Registrations
e) Complaint Module

2. Offline (Local Client Based Application) having following functionalities
a) Issue and renewal of Verification Certificate for Tanks/Lorries, Weights & Measures, Weighing & Measuring Instruments
b) Inspection and compounding the cases
c) Data synchronization
d) Reports generation